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The publishing house Il Salabue, specialised in producing and printing art books dedicated to violin making, was founded in 1997 with the goal of promoting Piedmontese violin making throughout the world. We also organise shows and exhibitions of bowed and plucked stringed musical instruments.
The first book in the Piedmontese Violin Making series, dedicated to violin maker Annibale Fagnola, was published in 1999 and won the national contest for the best quality of printing, as well as receiving an award in Paris in 2000.
One of our main aims is to achieve top quality, both in terms of historical research and documentation, and in the selection of musical instruments. We also seek to collaborate with top-level scholars and researchers: Charles Beare, Duane Rosengard, Philip J. Kass, Jean Jacques Rampal, and Roland Baumgartner are only some of the experts who have contributed to producing our books or taken part in events we have organised. Alongside this we have a rich network of contacts with musicians, musicologists, violin makers, collectors and enthusiasts world wide, which helps us to locate instruments of especial value or historical importance as the occasion warrants.
Our scientific committee was set up especially and comprises experts in the sector. The committee can select, certify and value musical instruments, both bowed and plucked, also providing accurate estimates for insurance purposes.
Thanks to these characteristics, Il Salabue is one of a kind, bringing together a whole range of skills and capabilities that could otherwise only be found among various different spheres.
Our specialisation in the sector of musical instruments enables us to contribute significantly to making the art of violin making better known and promoting a significant cultural heritage throughout the world.

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