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Yearbook 2006

Publication of the results of auctions provides a convenient and immediate consultation tool for those working in the sector.
The book is immediate and simple to consult.
The works are listed by maker; their names are set into the margin and highlighted by printed character. Abbreviations have been reduced to a minimum and symbols have been avoided to make the yearbook readily understandable.
All information contained is official information from the auction houses, taken from the catalogues and bulletins of results they issue. Only works of certain maker have been selected (in this respect trusting blindly to the various experts of the auction houses) and only those that were actually sold. The fact of actual sale guarantees the reader confirmation of the value of the item including by the general public.
To complete the information, details are given of the length of the sound box (the weight for bows), the estimate (in the original currency), a short description (referring those wanting greater detail to the official auction catalogue), indications concerning certificates and, for some works, photographs. The price at which the work was sold is given in five currencies, the principal ones used in the sector, and includes auction fees, with no other additional tax. Official bank exchange rates for the day of the sale are used (or the previous day if the auction was on Saturday of Sunday).
For the year 2006 twelve auction houses were considered, operating in five countries, for a total of thirty auction sessions.
Overall, 1,231 instruments and 1,072 bows were catalogued.

Auction Yearbook of Bowed Instruments, 2006
Annuario degli strumenti ad arco nelle aste

Claudio Amighetti

Book details:
220 pages, 21 x 29.5 cm, soft bound
Dual-language edition: English and Italian

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60,00 Euro + shipping

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